The Center For Inner Truth was founded in 2002 by Reverend Juli Somers and is located in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. We work with the principle that everything is energy; one can learn to work with energy, heal with it, and raise vibration. We are:

  • A spiritual school teaching a grounded meditation, practical psychic tools, and energy awareness.
  • A healing sanctuary for people to get a spiritual hello, validation, and to reconnect with their own innate healing abilities.
  • A church encouraging people to have their own knowing and truth as a spirit in the body

We provide numerous services to help you awaken to your soul purpose and true self including classes, workshops, spiritual counseling, psychic readings, healing clinics, and meditation services.

Executive Director Juli Somers

Rev Juli SomersReverend Juli Somers is a formally trained Minister, Spiritual Counselor, Clairvoyant Teacher, and Breathwork Facilitator. Previously co-directing a psychic center for 5 years, Juli founded The Center For Inner Truth over eleven years ago. Juli is also a Breathwork Therapist at the Life Healing Center, a residential treatment center for individuals dealing with trauma and addiction.


Everything You Need is Already Inside

For over 20 years, Juli Somers has supported others in their healing process. Considered a ‘soul therapist’, Juli teaches people to go beyond their life story to connect with their authentic spiritual self. She assists people in seeing the underlying soul lesson, thus allowing a release of stagnant emotions and outdated belief systems, and enabling them to more consciously create their life path.

Ready to take your next step? Call 505-920-4418 or email  revjuli@gmail.com

Clairvoyant Readings
Spiritual Healings and Counseling
Transformational Breathwork
House and Business Clearings
Wedding Ceremonies

In private sessions, Juli offers Spiritual Healings to move old and foreign energies, Clairvoyant Readings to reveal energy patterns affecting an individual, and Transformational Breathwork to help individuals release stuck emotions and trauma stored in the body. Also offered are Spiritual Counseling Sessions and Private Classes in person or via the phone geared to your personal journey.