We offer classes, workshops, spiritual counseling, psychic readings, healing clinics and meditation services.

  • Deepen your relationship with yourself and your connection to the Source of all life
  • Recognize the truths and wisdom that already reside within you.
  • Cultivate a peaceful mind through neutrality and amusement.
  • Advance your awareness, understanding and everyday use of your psychic abilities.
  • Release stress, stuck energy and energetic patterns.
  • See the opportunity in every challenge.
  • Awaken your spiritual abilities to live your soul’s purpose.
  • Learn and practice healing spiritual at the causal level of physical, emotional, and mental imbalances.
  • Focus your attention inside and discover the ‘kingdom of heaven.’
  • Create your life consciously.

Please explore our classes, workshops, events & other healing services!


Clairvoyant Reading by apt., 6:30pm
6: Intro to Self Healing
8: Soul Retrieval, 1pm
9, 23: Spiritual Happy Hour, 10am
11: Energize Your Creations for 2015, 6:30pm
12: Spiritual Healing Clinic, 6:30
19: Womens Healing Clinic, 7 pm
22: Group Breathwork, 4pm

Clairvoyant Reading by appt., 6:30pm
6, 13, 29: Self Love, 10 am
8, 22: Free Energy Healing Clinic, 5:30pm
10: Spiritual Healing Clinic, 6:30
11: Energize Your Creations for 2015, 6:30 pm
13: Psychic Faire, 1-3 pm
14, 28: Spiritual Happy Hour, 10am
17: Group Breathwork, 4pm
27: Recreate Yourself: End of Year Ritual, 6 pm