We offer classes, workshops, spiritual counseling, psychic readings, healing clinics and meditation services.

  • Deepen your relationship with yourself and your connection to the Source of all life
  • Recognize the truths and wisdom that already reside within you.
  • Cultivate a peaceful mind through neutrality and amusement.
  • Advance your awareness, understanding and everyday use of your psychic abilities.
  • Release stress, stuck energy and energetic patterns.
  • See the opportunity in every challenge.
  • Awaken your spiritual abilities to live your soul’s purpose.
  • Learn and practice healing spiritual at the causal level of physical, emotional, and mental imbalances.
  • Focus your attention inside and discover the ‘kingdom of heaven.’
  • Create your life consciously.

Please explore our classes, workshops, events & other healing services!

Where to Begin at Center for Inner Truth

Anyone can join us for a Workshop, Meditation, Healing Clinic, Faire or Spiritual Happy Hour. Our beginning class is called Meditation and Healing. In this 6-week series, learn how to meditate and work with energy in a fun way to help you in your busy life. From here you may choose to continue with our Awakening the Spirit year-long training.

Take the inner healing journey that we are all here to do in a loving spiritual community and reconnect with your soul purpose through your self-commitment. All your answers are within! As the layers release, your inner sight gains in clarity. Integrate and use your spiritual wisdom as you heal.

We offer courses to benefit both the novice and the advanced spiritual seeker, and all of our classes are taught in the energy of beginners mind where the mystery is continually unfolding. Come play, open your third eye, and awaken to your own spiritual truth!

To heal, to grow, and to be in community with like-minded souls…now that’s FUN!!!

Did You Know?

We offer work/study, trades and can adjust your payments depending on your income.

We are a 501c3 nonprofit church. We gratefully accept your monetary donations, and they are tax deductible.